Ecoficus S. L.

Ecoficus Corporation in Caceres, Extremadura, Spain is a family-owned company since 2003. They are the production figures and processing of figs with their own brand of fig and they are made into products, and their organic agriculture is raw in raw materials. Figs and oranges, dried grapes and other used snacks to be used as snacks began production in just a year from the start, and in 2006 we sold bonbon figs manufactured with more chocolate on figs.

Since then it has focused on the international market and has worked on something like a food trade fair in Barcelona, ​​an exhibition on organic food in Germany Nürnberg, an exhibition with foods of the world’s leading companies in Paris exhibited I regularly participated in Sial París. For nutrition supply to the soil and the earth’s ecosystem, for each gastronomic market.

Their diverse figs are native to Almoharín in Figs called Calabacita. Al-Moharín refers to the name of the Arab-origin town where the mountainous lot was located at the foot of the mountain, which was the border between the Al-Andalus Muslim world and the Christian kingdom. The Arab culture and fig cultivation are tightly bound to the municipality. This fig has only one taste and taste, and it has a wonderful harmony with materials such as cinnamon, chocolate, praline, truffle etc. There are various gastronomic uses

Los higos orgánicos


Dried fig keeps carbohydrates, has potassium, calcium, magnesium and fiber properties.

Moreover, it is essential to living things because it is a source of iron.


This wonderful bonbon fig is packing almond praline in carabacita

I coated it with Belgian chocolate. I use all the materials cultivated in organic agriculture.

Ecoficus’ s figs in the above picture (I call bread name but not bread using flour etc,

It is so called because it resembled the shape of a traditional bread from ancient times, a product that can actually supply nutrition with figs) Products can all be organic in orange, liqueur, cucumber, cranberry and so on.

Eat it with cheese or foie gras


It is ideal to make such a delicious salad like natural desserts and knobs with natural figs bread.


Aceites de oliva orgánicos


Following organic fig and started in this family business is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organically grown in Ross Janijos Farm in Cáceres, Extremadura. We use Olives of the varieties called Carrassea, Morisca (also referred to as Basta) and Beldial that are indigenous to Extremadura, with annual output of 2,000 L per year in 2015 and 5,000 L per year in 2016 We select carefully from the olive tree and we are producing limited production. Because it is not extracting by extracting olives and doing other chemical processing, vitamin E, antioxidant substance is never lost. Acidity is 0.2%, it has a fruity scent and it can be said to be genuine fresh olive juice.

At the local Extremadura newspaper, the food fair we did in Barcelona in 2016 was a success and we are dedicating articles of the highest quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In addition, prior to that, in 2008 the Ministry of the Environment and the Diversity Biological Foundation awarded them as businesses that take ecological food and biodiversity into consideration.


You will surely feel what taste of bread, olive taste, natural taste is.