Greeting from the first year

Thank you very much for always using AJOAJO.

It seems to be hot everywhere this year, Nagoya of today is windy so wind is not so hot.

The shop owner is trying to overcome this heat with his favorite ahijo

How is everyone going?


Although it is our shop, it opened in the shadow and it was able to greet one year in this August.

We are not introducing the products we deal with with big media etc.

Everything that can be recommended with all confidence is good.

A small place like ours participates in three events in this one year

It is all thanks to you that there are some people to eat.

There are many things to improve so that everyone will be pleased

I do not change the desire to help slowly relaxing meals.


To enjoy while smiling while drinking while eating. That is Spain flow.

Lo importante es con quien pasas los buenos momentos !!

One of the enjoyment ways of life that shopkeepers learned from Spanish culture.


Although it is a simple greeting, I would appreciate your long-awaited continued support.

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